Presentation of the documentary


We have chosen to write under a pseudonym as after this incredible adventure we have chosen to live ordinary lives. A short presentation:

Kerstin Peters – She is our diligent writer who has the best experience of writing. However, this is her first book.

Henry Svensson – He is our brain behind analysis and solves riddles with almost no clues. He has the experience of bringing larger projects to a successful conclusion.

Calle Nyman – He is our icebreaker who easily connects with completely unknown people and also makes them talk directly and share.

Betina Brandes – She has stood for the outside criticism of our work. She has also helped us having the book translated.

How the mission began

Kerstin is a down-to-earth writer who has her feet on Earth and has devoted herself in her spare time to examine the invisible in our lives. She was used to dreaming true and the dreams could all forewarn her of what was coming. She even occasionally dreamed of aliens.

Our first journey had been into the world that Channie, the founder of the healing method UWTH, had presented. We learned about extraterrestrials, how they gave healing and much more. Without that start, our trio would never have come into contact with Channie's Mentor and the unknown network of contactees that existed.

Legends we've met on Earth

In Channie's trilogy, she mentions a variety of characters that she also tells are incarnate on Earth. It's hard to relate to claims of that kind until we got the first clue and started finding them one by one. They existed or had existed in Channie's innermost circle of acquaintances. Here are some of them:

Mjouri – The beloved cat woman in Channie's trilogy, she exists as incarnate human on Earth. She is now retired with a whole bunch of grandchildren.

Archangel Gariel (Gabriel) – He was long dead due to battle injuries but we got to meet his ex-girlfriend Anna (whose stellar name we promised not to reveal). She had lots of highly interesting information that only the first head teachers had received. Here we learned that Channie was not the sole founder of UWTH.

Archangel Miriel (Michael) – Channie liked name dropping so he was often mentioned during our classes and she was happy to tell us she could call him. So did we when Calle found him.

Channie's Mentor – We really thought he only existed as a stellar being. With such an incredible source of knowledge, he also became our mentor.

There were more we absolutely could not believe were incarnate, such as The Inner Leader and Source.

Legends we've met in space

We, like many others, lost heart and ultimately faith in what Channie came up with and promised. Year upon year, with ever new excuses why we were never picked up for our final teaching in space and on The New Earth. Once we were taught by the mentor for our space trip, it was too unreal to be able to comprehend beforehand. The ones we encountered were beyond description:

Aness – Is far more than stellar, she is beyond stellar and yet in full bodily form. We got an unforgettable memory for life with her.

Starwalker – In the dream that Kerstin had, and that made us ride out on this crazy documentary, was mentioned that we would seek the Queen and we would find Source. We found him, on board.

Chapters of the book


The authors' wish

Our contactees

Driven by a dream

1. The secret origin

2. An enigmatic Queen

3. Channie's Mentor

4. Between good and evil

5. The original suns

6. The secret knowledge

7. Behind the scene

8. An independent impression check

9. Where our space journey began



The authors' wish

It is our wish that you read the book from the beginning. We want you to follow us on our entire journey of knowledge until the last journey that became our dimensional space journey.

We mean that you get the greatest benefit that way, because a lot of what we talk about in the last chapter is not only about what we got to experience during our space visit, but perhaps mostly what we understood from our entire journey.

Our unique sources

We have three unparalleled sources for our book's adventures: Anna, Channie's Mentor, and last but not least, the Secret Diaries. These three led us through the adventure we recounted in our documentary.

Anna – She had all the material saved from the co-founder of UWTH. He is never mentioned by Channie and was therefore extra exciting to get to know through Anna. Through her, we learned how UWTH really came about. She also gave us the signs that were the original signs for UWTH, and that were never allowed to be released. The co-founder also had contact with Aness and Maldion. And Anna had more, she led us to Channie's Mentor.

Channie's Mentor – Channie never mentions in her books that he was more than an extraterrestrial, he was also incarnate on Earth! Here, we found the man who taught her about wings, he who studied portals and was the innovator behind the portal detector shown in the video 'Close Encounter with UFOs'. We learned he had shown Channie the way to Beyond and from which hand the Drop really fell. He is the living legend on Earth who is older than the Holy Family.

The Secret Diaries – What had turned everything we believed in upside down was when we got to read The Secret Diaries. In the handwritten diaries, Maldion appears crass with pronounced misogyny and we see how he tries to dupe Channie with flattery and promises of power. This documentary-told space is far more exciting than Channie's beautified space.

The Secret Knowledge

Not only did we get the real events behind Channie's extraterrestrial trilogy revealed, but we were invited to the secret knowledge. We gained insight into things neither Channie nor anyone else had told us before. Here are a few selections:

The knowledge of time – We thought we had learned about time through the classes in UWTH, but it was revolutionary when we both learned how time worked and experienced for ourselves when time changed locally and the Mentor showed us the phenomena in the portal.

The unknown descension – Surely we had read of ascension as the natural spiritual continuation for humanity. But what we learned was a much larger movement, an unstoppable cosmic movement, which is on its way down to us!

The Knowledge of the end of Evil – For the first time, we lrarned what evil really was. With the answer, we were able to understand how all these beings, regardless of their origin, could understand each other and happily interact with each other. Suddenly, The Cosmic Peace was comprehensible, the one we had experienced on board.

An independent impression check

We felt we needed an independent writer's eye on our documentary. We had been thoroughly duped for several years, all three of us, and thought that during our studies for this book we had gained a much soberer view of everything. For our credibility, we needed independent people who could confirm the impressions.

Betina has assisted us with invaluable commentary of our documentary. She undertook the task to find and interview people who could verify or reject what we had found on our journey. She interviewed several exciting people and she also herself knew both Channie and the Mentor well.

Our travel preparation

Without our Mentor, we would never have been prepared for what we would face on our journey. Changing dimensions was anything but packing for a simple space picnic. Being away for three weeks in just under five minutes took us months to post-process. And we're not done yet, even though it's been several years. Nevertheless, we underwent careful preparation to get used to the portal opening, before he fully opened, and we took our first step out of this reality into another.

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Where our space journey began

The mentor was right. Stepping out of our reality and entering another takes time to digest. But once we start putting it in place many months afterward, it wasn't a highlight anymore but a summation of our entire trip. We won't say more.

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Where your journey begins

We've packed your book, filled with the adventure of a lifetime. Here you have all the lessons in concentrate of what we were told to prepare.

But most important is our journey through interviews where person by person led us to the network of contactees who were openly hidden for us all the time.

We, who were disappointedly finished with everything extraterrestrial, would also be given the adventure of exposing the revelations through the Secret Diaries we had accessed. The truth, what really happened, not through the polished and published version.

With Channie's Mentor, we got everything in place. What had really happened and the truth behind the alleged contacts that ended with our transformative meetings on board.

Let's take the step

Reach for the truth